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Form 471 Filing Information

Title of Form: FCC Form 471 — Schools and Libraries Universal Service Services Ordered and Certification Form

Purpose of Form: Form 471 requests discounts from the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) on eligible services to be provided to eligible schools, libraries, and consortia of those entities.

When to File Form 471: Form 471 cannot be filed before the Allowable Vendor Selection/Contract Date, which is 28 days after the Form 470 is POSTED to this web site. This date is featured on the Form 470 Receipt Notification Letter.

Form 471 can be filed as early as the date established by the SLD as the opening of the Form 471 application filing window. Form 471 must be postmarked or received by 11:59 PM EST on the closing date of the Form 471 application filing window in order to be considered as having arrived within the window.

SLD Letter: The SLD will issue a Form 471 Receipt Acknowledgment Letter to both the applicant and the service provider(s) upon successful data entry of the Form 471 and the Form 471 Block 6 certification.

For more information: The following documents contain additional information on Form 471:

Content Last Modified: July 29, 2005