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Program Integrity Assurance (PIA)

The SLD is responsible for making sure that the discounts you receive are for eligible services provided to eligible entities for eligible uses, according to FCC rules. In many ways, it is our most important responsibility. The SLD has established a Program Integrity Assurance Team, or PIA Team, to review forms very carefully to be sure that you comply with these rules. The PIA Team may contact you during its review process and ask you for supporting documentation to verify the information on your form(s). The SLD will not authorize inappropriate discount rates, and will deny funding requests for discounts for ineligible services, entities, or uses.

If you are contacted by PIA, you will be asked to provide and/or substantiate information provided on the form(s) which you have submitted to the SLD. You may be asked specific questions, and a PIA representative may request additional documentation to substantiate information on a particular form. In all cases, the SLD reserves the right to determine the adequacy of the information you provide.

Information on deadlines for responding to these PIA requests for information and/or documentation is contained in the Deadline for Information Requests posted in the Reference Area of this web site.

  Content Last Modified: March 7, 2002