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1. Form 474: Service Provider Invoice Form & Instructions (10/15/98)

The SLD forms area now features Form 474 and instruction in PDF format. Files saved as PDF may be typed into directly on the computer and then printed out for your convenience.

2. Form 473:Service Provider Annual Certification Form & Instructions (10/15/98)

The SLD forms area now features Form 473 and instruction in PDF format. Files saved as PDF may be typed into directly on the computer and then printed out for your convenience.

3. SPIN Contact Search (5/23/98)

The Reference Area now features a SPIN Contact Search function.  The database includes contact information for the correct person in each participating vendor’s organization who can provide Universal Service Fund applicants with that vendor’s SPIN, as required for Form 471 and the forthcoming Form 486. The database does not contain actual SPINs, because only the service providers themselves can provide SPINs to applicants at this time.

4. Service Provider Identification Numbers (4/8/98)

CSB Vendor SPIN Contact List

Schools and Libraries Divisions's (SLD) Client Service Bureau (CSB) has received some inquiries from prospective Form 471 billed entity applicants regarding their need to identify the Service Provider Identification Numbers (SPINs) for service providers. The specific inquiries indicate that vendors have implemented various types of procedures to administer their respective SPINs, and that in some instances the 471 billed entity applicant is unaware of the proper point of contact within the vendor's organization to obtain the SPIN.

To assist clients in identifying vendors' SPINs, SLD is establishing a list of vendor contacts for administration of SPIN Numbers for use by our CSB. When CSB receives an inquiry from customers regarding SPIN Number identification for a particular vendor, CSB will refer the customer to the vendor's SPIN point of contact based on this listing.

Vendors are encouraged to be included on the CSB "Vendor SPIN Contact List." To be included on this list, vendors should contact the SLD's Client Service Bureau via fax (888-276-8736) or email ( and provide: (1) the vendor's full legal name; (2) the contact person's name; (3) the contact person's voice telephone number; (4) the contact person's email address. The contact person should be able to answer customer inquiries regarding the identification of the vendor's SPIN Number. For more information about SPIN assignments, please refer to Assignment of the SPIN under "471 Application Guidance" in the Reference Area.

SPIN Number Registration

The Universal Service Administrative Company may be contacted via a toll free telephone number (888-641-8722) and via toll free fax (888-637-6226) by service providers in order to obtain a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN). A fax request for a SPIN must include the provider's full legal name, address, contact person's name and telephone number.

Please remember that in order to "perfect" their SPIN assignment, vendors and service providers must complete and submit a SPIN Registration Form when that form becomes available. USAC will automatically mail a SPIN Registration Form to each vendor who has been assigned a SPIN, when the form becomes available. Also, the SLD will post a notice of availability at this Web Site, and will make the form available from this Web Site. This same information will be made available at the NECA Web Site .

5. Form 486 Update (4/8/98)

The SLD has worked with our client community (applicants and vendors) to develop a draft of the Form 486. The draft will be submitted to the FCC for its review and submission to the Office of Management and Budget for its approval in compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act. When the form receives final approval, the SLD will post the form to this Web Site. A copy of the draft form will also be posted to the SLD Web Site clearly marked as a draft when the form is submitted to the FCC. To recap, there are two steps that must occur before the form is finalized: step one is for the SLD to submit the form to the FCC. Step 2 is for the FCC to submit the form for OMB approval. The Form 486 will be submitted by the billed entity applicant who filed the corresponding Form 471. The Form 486 will require the 471 billed entity applicant to confirm that services for each funding request number have begun to be delivered by the service provider, and that the required approvals of technology plans have been obtained. For a discussion of funding request numbers, see Funding Request Number in the "471 Application Guidance" in the Reference Area. Billed entity applicants should file this form with the SLD within five (5) days of the commencement of service delivery on each funding request number. The SLD will not make any payments on invoices for which a Form 486 has not yet been filed.

6. Invoice Update (4/8/98)

In response to vendors' requests, the SLD will accept electronic submission of invoices for payment. The SLD is also working diligently to develop a draft invoice form and procedures which set forth the information that the SLD requires in order to process a request for reimbursement from a vendor, and also articulates the underlying business rules for processing invoices. A copy of this draft invoice and procedures and the procedures for the electronic submission of invoices will be posted to this Web Site as soon as they are available. Comments and questions should be directed to the email address identified in the documents.

7. SLD Formal Communications to Vendors (4/8/98)

The SLD will issue a notification letter to each vendor whose SPIN is listed on a Form 471 application. The notification letter will advise the vendor of what action was taken by the SLD with respect to the funding request number (column 6 of items 15/16 of Form 471). The SLD will also develop procedures for notifying vendors of SLD's receipt of a completed Form 486 Receipt of Services Confirmation. The SLD is conferring with vendors' billing system subject matter experts to determine the appropriate procedures for these notifications.

8. SLD Information Distribution Channels (4/8/98)

Periodic information updates will be posted in the SLD Web Site's Provider Area. These updates will contain information of specific interest and applicability to vendors. In addition, the SLD maintains an email list for interested vendors as an additional means of disseminating "NewsFlash" items. To join the email list, please email your request to

Vendors with program questions are also welcome to contact the SLD's Client Service Bureau at 1-888-203-8100 or fax your questions to 1-888-276-8736. Vendors may also email questions to or

9. Urgent Reminder! Obtain SPINs to Ensure Timely Processing of Your 471 (4/8/98)

The Schools and Libraries Corporation reminds all Universal Service Fund applicants that the Service Provider Identification Number— SPIN –is a vital component of your E-rate application. Although failure to provide a service provider’s SPIN on your Form 471 will not result in automatic rejection, it will slow review of your application by requiring contact with you from our Problem Resolution Team. Here’s a roundup reminder of what you and your service providers need to know about SPINs.

What is the SPIN and why is it important? The SPIN is a number that identifies the service provider from which you are purchasing services and/or products, and allows that service provider to be paid from the Universal Service Fund. The SPIN is needed on Form 471 and will also play an important role in Form 486 and invoicing.

Who is responsible for getting a SPIN? It is the service provider’s responsibility to get its SPIN AND your responsibility to record that SPIN on your Form 471 in Items 15/16, Column 1.

How does a service provider obtain a SPIN? Any service provider can get a SPIN by calling the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) toll-free at 888-641-8722. The SPIN will be assigned over the phone. For more details, see "What Service Providers Need to Know About Obtaining a SPIN," below. Feel free to copy this information and forward it to the service providers you work with.

What happens if I send in my Form 471 without a SPIN for every service provider listed? If your filed Form 471 is missing one or more SPINs, you will be contacted by our Problem Resolution Team by fax (or phone or email, if you have not listed a contact fax number). You will want to make every effort NOW to obtain your service providers’ SPINs so you can respond quickly to the Problem Resolution Team request.

Can SLD help me get a service provider’s SPIN? If a service provider has already obtained a SPIN, our toll-free help line (888-203-8100) can provide you with the appropriate contact name and phone number at the service provider’s office. We cannot give you the service provider’s actual SPIN, however. That information must be provided by the service provider to you.

10. What Service Providers Should Know About Obtaining A SPIN (4/8/98)

The schools and libraries who purchase your services need your Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) for their Universal Service Fund ("E-rate") applications, and YOU need a SPIN to receive any payments from the Universal Service Fund. Any service provider can obtain a SPIN by calling the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) toll-free at 888-641-8722. For fax, use 888-637-6226. In requesting a SPIN, please be prepared to provide basic information about your company (such as complete address and phone number). In addition, please provide a contact name to the SLD Client Service Bureau via an email message ( so that the Client Service Bureau can refer customers with SPIN assignment questions to the right person within your company.

Following the assignment of your SPIN over the phone, USAC will send you a SPIN registration form requesting more detailed information about your company. By completing and returning this form, you will complete the required SPIN registration process.

For more information about the SPIN and the Universal Service Program in general, see the Schools and Libraries Corporation Web Site and click on the Service Provider Area.

11. Update! New SLD E-Mail Address for Service Providers (4/8/98)

SLD has established a new e-mail address specifically for vendors. It is Service providers can use this address to get answers to their specific issues. All interested parties may continue to use the address or the toll-free help line number, 888-203-8100.

12. Important Free Service Advisory (3/27/98)

It has recently come to SLD's attention that some vendors may be offering price reductions or promotional offers for services in addition to the discounts available from the Schools and Libraries Universal Service Program. We want to remind applicants and vendors that the value of these price reductions/promotional offers cannot be applied after the vendor submits the bid for the pre-discount cost. The pre-discount cost is the basis upon which funding requests will be made by Form 471 applicants.

13. Service Reports Now Available Electronically (3/11/98)

The Service Provider Area features a useful tool for service providers. By clicking the "DOWNLOAD REPORT" button in the Service Provider Area, users can generate a report of highlights of services being requested on posted Forms 470. Reports can be tailored for individual states or can summarize all states, and can summarize 470s posted since the Web Site opened, or just those posted over the past several days. Reports can be formatted for use with word processing software, or the delimited file can be input to spreadsheet software.

The SLD continues to offer on an interim basis summary information through its, but encourages the use of this SLD Web Site function.  


Questions about the SLD Program?  Call our Client Service Bureau at (888) 203-8100.

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