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July 2003 Announcements

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FCC Order Available Online (7/24/03)

The FCC issued an order July 24, 2003, detailing CIPA requirements with respect to libraries.

Click here to view the Order in Text format.

Click here to view the Order in Word format.

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FY2003 IC Threshold Remains at 90% (7/23/03)

On July 11, 2003, the Schools and Libraries Committee of the USAC Board authorized the SLD to lower the threshold for funding Internal Connections for Funding Year 2003 to 85%. This authorization was effective for Wave 8 of Funding Commitments to be released on July 28. Prior to running Wave 8, the SLD determined that the threshold should not be lowered to 85%, and another Schools and Library Committee meeting was held on July 22 where the Committee directed the SLD to maintain the 90% funding threshold for Wave 8. The SLD will continue to evaluate, as additional commitment letters are issued, whether the threshold for funding Internal Connections can be lowered from 90%. The SLD will post updated information as we issue each wave.

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Miscellaneous Updates to Web Site (7/18/03)

Following is a list of the documents or pages that have changed on this web site since the last posting on updates:

The Task Force on the Prevention of Waste, Fraud and Abuse held its third meeting on June 26–27, 2003, in Arlington, Va. The Task Force discussed and revised its initial set of draft recommendations in light of comments and feedback from program stakeholders. The revised recommendations are available in the Update on Third Meeting of Task Force.

The SLD has provided additional clarification on Block 1 changes that can be made post-commitment in Contact Information Changes.

The status description for “FCDL Issued - ‘xx/xx/xxxx’” in the Form 471 Application Status Tool has been revised for accuracy. Please note that the status description is available only when search results are returned.


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Holiday Hours Announcement (7/3/03)

The Schools and Libraries Client Service Bureau will be closed on Friday, July 4, 2003 in observance of Independence Day. The Client Service Bureau will resume normal operations on Monday, July 7, 2003 at 8:00 a.m. EST.

Content Last Modified: July 3, 2003